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USED, EXCELLENT CONDITION! – 1 CD / “The woman is a phenomenon”, that’s what Italian diva Renata Scotto exclaimed after attending a Sutherland’s performance. But she was not only a large voice perfectly trained in Bel Canto, she also had a refined musical sensibility and even though her trade was not great acting there were quite a few roles she nailed. La Stupenda was widely criticized for a somewhat mushy pronunciation she developed throughout the years, a tendency she finally put under much control. Her secret was the mood of her singing. You always knew if she character she was portraying was happy, sad, outraged, crazy, etc. Her Norma, Lucrezia Borgia, I Puritani, La Sonnambula, Lucia di Lammermoor and even Turandot (only in the studio) were second to none.

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