“Sancia di Castiglia” (LIVE) 2-CD.- Montserrat Caballé, José Sempere, Boris Martinovich / José María Collado, cond. PRIVATE COLLECTION. BONUS: Caballé sings 3 Donizetti opera scenes * 2 ITEMS MINIMUM FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS FROM USA. ONLY $8.00 FEE PER ADDITIONAL ITEM SHIPPED.


NOTE: This is an enhanced version of the only print of this rare opera with Caballé and Sempere. Holds no copyright infringements. DISC 2 BONUS (14-16): Caballé sings 3 Donizetti opera scenes (“Sancia di Castiglia” Act 2 aria & cabaletta recorded in 1984; “Roberto Devereux” ACt 1 aria & cabaletta; Act 3 aria and Grand Finale recorded in 1965